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20 April 2015 @ 01:16 am
Title: Caramel
Author: Eevee
Rating: T
Summary: It's the morning after, and England absolutely does not want to touch France's hair.

(AKA "the one where France is the land of milk and honey")
01 February 2015 @ 12:30 pm
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To participate you only have to answer this post with the AU setting you want to work on. Do you need a livejournal account? Not really. You can also sign up with a twitter account. If you only have a tumblr account, you can send us an ask here telling us which of the AUs you’ve chosen. We are going to update the list of participants according to this.

Here is the list and the name of each participant:

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01 February 2015 @ 12:29 pm
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What is this about?

This time we bring a different idea for an event: all fanwork should be inspired by one of Himaruya's alternative universes (which we've collected for you, at least the most important ones). As you know, there are lots of Hetalia AUs, but the author himself has contributed his fair share.

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14 December 2014 @ 02:49 pm

Hi! ^^ I'm not too sure if anyone is still active on this comm, but I figured I'd give this a shot regardless XD; I've got a bunch of FrUK doujinshi for sale (along with plenty of other doujinshi & merchandise), so if you're interested please take a look at my LJ for a complete list!

Thank you for your interest! ^_^
16 July 2014 @ 10:02 pm
Title: The Times They Are Changing
Author: marinoa
Rating: T
Characters: France, England
Summary: In the modern world, the Nations are long since forgotten. Arthur struggles to come to terms with the situation and Francis struggles to make him see some light in the dark.

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25 March 2014 @ 04:41 pm

Hello all!
I'm selling lots of Hetalia goods on eBay HERE !

Multiple purchases will enjoy combined shipping at a reduced rate, so bid on more to save more!!!


04 March 2014 @ 05:35 pm
Title: Why Life's a Joke
Author: marinoa
Rating: T
Characters / Pairing: England, France, FrUK
Sumary: Arthur Kirkland and Francis Bonnefoy are simply trying to live their respective lives, but apparently someone up there has decided not to make it easy for them. FrUK, oneshot, AU.

( Part 1 )
( Part 2 )
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25 February 2014 @ 02:06 pm

Title: An Occasion
Author: marinoa
Rating: T
Characters/Pairing: England, America, France. FrUK.
Summary: Little things in life are those that might have the biggest consequences. Like this little occasion, where Arthur wakes up covered by an unidentified jacket. AU.

( An Occasion )
30 November 2013 @ 02:35 am
Author: Me
Rating: T for swearing, bloodplay and unfocused sex scenes
Time period: 1650's, reign of Louis XIV and Oliver Cromwell
Warnings: Biting/bloodplay, hatesex, historical melodrama

Summary: "I'm not 'making an appearance', France," the other Nation's name nearly sticks in his throat, and England lets his lip curl. There are no diplomats watching now, no kings or governors present to judge how they behave. Not even any other Nations, so why bother with any pretenses at all? "I'm here because I'm forced to be, because half my nobles are in love with your fancy golden mirrors. You think I'd be here if I had any choice in the matter? I'd rather be at sea."

(At the shining palace of Versailles, there is a party every night.)


Currently, I have the following series doujinshi available:
[5] Ao no Exorcist - (Yukio/Rin, Shima/Rin)
[3] Code Geass - (Suzaku/Lelouch)
[6] Gundam 00 - (Lockon/Setsuna, Graham/Setsuna)

[5] Kuroko no Basket - (Aomine/Kuroko, Kagami/Kuroko, GoM/Kuroko)
[8] Kuroshitsuji - (Sebastian/Ciel)
[2] Lucky Dog 1 - (Ivan/Gian, Luchino/Gian)

[4] Magi - Labyrinth of Magic - (Sinbad/Ja'far)
[3] Naruto - (Sasuke/Naruto) by acute girls
[10] Prince of Tennis - (Chitose/Shiraishi, Zaizen/Oshitari/Zaizen, Kirihara/Niou, Yagyuu/Niou)

[15] Tiger & Bunny - (Barnaby/Kotetsu)
[1] Togainu no Chi - (1 Reprint - All/Akira)

You can find them all here (Near the bottom of the page):

[47] Hetalia - (USUK, FrUK, GerIta, SuFin, DenNor, Prussia/Germany, Spain/Romano)
Please head over to: CLICK02
[46] Hitman Reborn - (Squalo/Dino, 8027, D27, 1827, 5927, 6927, Xanxus27, Spanner27)
Please head over to: CLICK03

Prices are NEGOTIABLE!